“Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication.
It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships.”
– Stephen Covey

 Build Rapport and Trust

Effective Communications involves your ability to build Rapport and Trust to best Connect with other people; it’s the “Super Glue” to any relationship. 


Building Rapport is the first step in creating trust and effectively connecting with another person. Rapport: being in harmonious understanding with another person that enables improved effective communication.

The process of building rapport is all about finding something in common with another person.  For many of us, starting a conversation with somebody in a room full of strangers much less make a friend, can be a very stressful event.

Creating rapport at the beginning of any conversation with somebody new depends on your conversational people skills.  For greater positive results, the first thing to do is reduce your stress, remain calm and relaxed. When STRESSED, people act differently, and say things they would otherwise NOT do in day-to-day occurrences. It helps to know exactly what is going on: the source of conflict, and the difficulty resulting in your stress.

In “How to Start a Conversation and Make Friends”, author Don Gabor provides many conversational techniques and tools to help improve communication skills and thus self-confidence when first meeting people.  With improved conversation techniques increasing personal communication effectiveness comes gained self-confidence, reduced fear and anxiety during the conversation.

Remember rapport is all about finding similarities; with these conversation techniques in mind during a conversation do:

  • Listen for common or shared experiences
  • Use non-threatening small talk
  • Show some empathy
  • Try laughing together

Learning conversational techniques such as these are a great starter in building rapport, trust and connecting with people.  However, to effectively master building rapport and trust with people to best connect, first increase your self-awareness and self-control to manages stress.

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With increased personal communication effectiveness comes gained self-confidence.

Your personal Lumina Spark Portrait helps you to explore your own unique qualities and provides you with a practical method for ‘reading’ other people. It’s personal, memorable, colorful and practical imagery helps you learn:

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  • Clues for you to become more confident and influential with people

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Review of 5 Ways How-to Improve Your People Skills and raise your Emotional Intelligence:

  1. Speed Reading People
  2. Recognize and Manage Stress
  3. Effective Listening and Understanding
  4. Effective Communication
  5. Build Rapport and Trust to BEST Connect

Click on these Splash! Life Tips to see details about each of these 5 Ways to Improve Your People Skills.

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Learn personalized clues in your Lumina Spark Portrait with your 3D Personas:

  • Raise your self-awareness and understanding of your behaviors
  • Get How-To Recommendations to improve your personal and working relationships with others
  • Improve personal effectiveness when communicating with people

If you know which of your personal qualities and behaviors will emerge in different settings, understanding and adapting can change the impacts and dynamics of any situation.Linda Seefeldt, AIM Above

Every Lumina Spark Portrait is personalized and unique to you, with over 16 quadrillion different combinations.

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Build Rapport and Trust!
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