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Connect Personal Qualities and Behaviors to Sales Results

Discover the full potential of your leadership style to achieve higher sales team results.

Whether you’re a front-line Sales Manager or a Sales Director with a sales force that goes into the thousands, AIM Lumina Sales Leader will have applications you can learn, and use for life.

AIM Sales Portrait Leaders 24 Qualities Bar Charts - Lumina Sales Portraits

AIM Sales Leaders know the high and low qualities of their sales people to gain more sales results in Lumina Sales Portraits

Sales Leader

  • Optimize your leadership style to increase sales

  • See how to lead effectively with personalized recommendation

  • Uncover impacts of stress on your leadership qualities!

Leadership Style

  • Be better equipped to motivate your staff to work toward a common vision.

  • Make the best use of the array of talents that your sales team possess.

  • Take their different approaches and teach them how to collaborate better – AIM Lumina Sales will show you how.

Effective Sales Management

AIM Lumina Sales Leader reveals perspectives on selling behaviors and processes by providing personalized insights into each individual’s strengths and development areas. AIM Above uses innovative Lumina Learning’s scientifically validated psychometrics, systems and resources, to give you the latest next generation tools.

Each step in AIM Lumina Sales Leader has been devised to simplify the sales cycle and produce results. The Sales Cycle is broken down in stages to address specific client needs while maintaining customer interest, trust and confidentiality.

Accelerating Sales Results

AIM Lumina Sales Leader offers a 6 stage plan which delivers effective sales methods, and 24 sales qualities which reflect your natural selling style derived from your personal traits, and an overview of your strengths and development areas.

AIM Sales Lumina Portrait - 3 Cycles

AIM Sales Lumina Portrait – 3 Cycles

What is AIM Lumina Sales?

Sales is the heartbeat of any business. It may be direct or indirect, consultative or technical, external or internal, but understanding people and being able to influence them is a crucial skill in business and every day.

At the core of AIM Lumina Sales is a dedicated model combined with psychological insights that demonstrate how you can have a unified approach to sales you can use to understand and improve the sales technique of your sales team.

Discover Hidden Sales Potential

  • In your people

  • In your business

Grow your business

  • Accelerate faster sales cycles

  • Gain New Clients

  • Grow in market share

See why your people have been losing sales!

  • View instantly the answers for each person in their AIM Lumina Sales Portraits

  • Reveal the shortcomings that are causing slow and missed sales

  • Develop personal sales qualities in each stage

Sales Team

AIM Lumina Team Portraits

AIM Lumina Team Portraits

Quickly see what is missing on your team, when you combine all people into AIM Lumina Team Portraits. You will know instantly where to adjust your approach with your team.

Your Leadership

See your effective leadership qualities, compared to the impacts on the business and others when you become overextended in AIM Lumina Leader Portrait.

AIM Lumina Leader Portrait - Effective

AIM Lumina Leader Portrait – Effective

AIM Lumina Leader Portrait - OverExtended

AIM Lumina Leader Portrait – OverExtended

How AIM Lumina Sales helps your business:

Positive platform

You will be able to improve your chances of establishing a strong rapport with each person on your sales team, and an understanding of their preferences and communication style will increase your chances of a successful working relationship, and set a positive platform for future interactions.

Broadening perspectives

AIM Lumina Sales looks at many factors like the psychological aspect of sales as well as the technical aspect of sales. It gives you a broader understanding of the concept allowing you to look at sales with a new perspective.

AIM Lumina Sales communicates this in an exciting inspiring way, making your distant sales goals seem all the more realizable.

Discover hidden potential in your sales team, contact AIM Above today!