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Connect Personal Qualities and Behaviors to Sales Results

Increase sales performance with AIM Sales Team by discovering each person’s strengths and areas where sales may be lost in sales cycles.

  • Discover how to increase team sales performance

  • Reveal 3D strengths and weaknesses in team

  • See what is missing in your sale team!

AIM Sales 3 Cycles

AIM Sales Process matches Sales Cycles with the Buyer’s Cycle and Key Outputs at each stage.

Results focused

The AIM Sales Team provides methods and personalized plans that are designed to assist people throughout the business process, assessing and removing any possible risks and obstacles.

The Sales Process is broken down in stages to address specific client needs while maintaining customer interest, trust and confidentiality. The starting point of an AIM Sales professional development experience is a straightforward online questionnaire which enables participants to receive a highly personalized AIM Sales Portrait.

AIM Sales reveals perspectives on selling behaviors and processes by providing personalized insights into each individual’s strengths and development areas. AIM Above uses innovative Lumina Learning’s scientifically validated psychometrics, systems and resources, to give you the latest next generation tools.

AIM Sales Cycle offers a 6 stage plan which delivers effective sales methods, and 24 sales qualities which reflect your natural selling style derived from your personal traits, and an overview of your strengths and development areas.

Speed reading: By improving your ability to ‘speed read’ people, you will be better prepared in communications, presentations, pitches and proposals to your client’s needs and requirements.

Long term: We know the long term relationship is the only one that counts, so we encourage participants to build rapport and trust with their clients to create a bond which will benefit them both in the future.

All areas covered: AIM Sales covers the key areas of sales:

  1. Research and market knowledge

  2. Prospecting and engaging clients

  3. Understanding client needs

  4. Sales proposals

  5. Getting commitment

  6. Supporting and developing accounts

The 6 Stages of the Buyers Cycle are mapped onto the Sales Cycle with 6 key outputs, one for each stage of the sales cycle.

Discover the full potential of your people and achieve higher sales results when working with AIM Above.

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