Lumina Spark Portrait

Discover Your Inner Spark 

Reveal Your Answers To

  • Reduce Stress & Increase Happiness
  • Effective People Skills
  • Gain Confidence

See never revealed before Your inner qualities and hidden talents – In your personalized Lumina Spark Portrait

AIM Spark Portraits - Lumina Spark Portraits

AIM Spark Portraits – Lumina Spark Portraits

Got Your Spark?

Only Lumina Learning!

Get the most accurate personal measures in Lumina Spark Portraits; the next-generation psychometric analysis based on global research by Lumina Learning.

Effective People Skills: People aren’t put in boxes, letter codes or old stereotypes; instead Lumina Learning accurately measures each unique individual and shows how they act differently depending on the situation.

Lumina Splash App! Get the amazing App on your iphone, Android phone, or computer now.  Compare your Splash to others to see how best to relate for success.

How well do you know yourself?

  • What motivates “Inner You”?
  • When do you behave differently?
  • Stressed – what happens?
AIM 3D Spark Full Lumina Portrait

AIM 3D Spark Full Lumina Portrait

See your Lumina Spark Portrait with your 3D Personas

Uncover  your Inner You – natural Underlying Persona and adapted Everyday You Persona.

Lumina reveals a third Persona, Stressed You  when OverExtended, which reveals itself when you are in high pressure circumstances.

You will gain a deeper understanding of your Inner You, Everyday You and Stressed You… by seeing 3 distinct measurements with in-depth feedback on what trends have been revealed, and if there are any areas you can look to strengthen.

Every Lumina Portrait is personalized and unique to you, with over 16 quadrillion different combinations.

See Sample of AIM 3D Lumina Spark Portrait – Full (40 pages)

Lumina Spark Portrait - AIM Above 3D Full - Learning Sample

Lumina Spark Portrait – AIM Above 3D Full – Learning Sample

Effective People Skills using personalized clues in your Portrait:

  • Get How-To Recommendations to improve your personal and working relationships with others
  • Clues for you to become more confident and influential with people
  • Improve personal effectiveness when communicating with people

See how to improve performance

  • Raise your self-awareness and understanding of your behaviors
  • Become more effective at making things happen
  • Identify how best for you to interact with others

It helps you to explore your own unique qualities and provides you with a practical method for ‘reading’ other people.

AIM Above - See Your 3D+ Qualities - Lumina Spark Portrait

AIM Above – See Your 3D+ Qualities – Lumina Spark Portrait

You’re Both!

AIM Above uses Lumina Learning – the only next-generation tool to accurately measure independently both sides of opposites to give you a fuller picture of who you are.

It is normal to be both! 

See 24 Opposites, for example:

  • People Focused AND Outcome Focused!
  • Big Picture Thinking AND Down to Earth Details!

All of us choose to behave in a variety of ways depending upon how we are feeling, where we are and who we are with. Sometimes these choices appear contradictory, but it is REAL Life!  (In old school profiles of the past, you were labeled as only one or the other type).  Only Lumina measures both traits independently for accuracy.


AIM Spark Lumina Portrait - See Your Qualities Word Cloud

AIM Spark Lumina Portrait – See Your Qualities Word Cloud

It’s Memorable!
It’s Colorful!
It Works!

Lumina Spark’s simple and memorable color language gives everybody a common understanding for talking about behavior.

  • This approach raises self awareness.
  • Using this new knowledge, you can develop your interpersonal skills which contribute to a positive ‘can do’ team spirit.
  • When this builds a critical mass, breakthroughs begin to happen in team dynamics and leadership style.

When we know ourselves and we have the skills to appreciate others, we can then begin to refine our behaviors to meet the needs of the situation and significantly improve our relationships and teamwork.

See Sample of AIM Lumina Spark Portrait – Intro
(20 Pages)

Basic view of your qualities, aspects and energies

Lumina Spark Portrait - AIM Above Intro - Learning Sample

Lumina Spark Portrait – AIM Above Intro – Learning Sample

At the heart of this portrait, is a private questionnaire which measures different aspects of your behaviors. The confidential questionnaire is available online, it takes between 10 and 15 minutes to complete and enables you to receive your highly personalized Lumina Spark Portrait which accurately describes your persona.

Getting into the right frame of mind

  • Completely confidential information.  This is solely to help you develop, but we do suggest you consider sharing it with those you trust.
  • Be open to feedback in this portrait – it is intended to help you make positive changes.
  • Focus on the observations in this portrait that you think can really help you develop.  View this as an opportunity to work on improving yourself.
  • When reading your portrait it is important to remember that no one quality is more important than another.  Each aspect of who you are can prove to be a crucial strength depending on what situation you find yourself in at any given time.

Got Your Spark?

  • See your AIM 3D Lumina Spark Portrait – Full to reduce stress, increase happiness, empower effective people skills, and gain confidence.
  • BOGO! Get A FREE AIM Lumina Spark Portrait Gift (Value $170) for a family member, co-worker or friend; when you buy a Spark 3D or Spark 3D+, or Spark.

Customized, Team Workshops, Private Coaching

  • Internationally used around the globe, Lumina can be written in many languages. This works particularly well when working with Virtual Teams, and the difficulty in creating relationships across the miles.
  • Choose AIM Spark Workshops to engage people in the learning process.  These can be customized to your group situations.
  • Select Private Coaching for personalized guidance in your AIM Spark Portraits.

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