Lumina Spark

Lumina Spark empowers effective people skills for success.

Using the latest innovative psychometrics for effective professional and personal development, Lumina Learning advances far beyond the old-world, out-of-date stereotyping in personality tests.

See never revealed before, the most accurate personal measures in Lumina Spark; the next-generation psychometric analysis based on years of global research by Lumina Learning.

Only Lumina Spark uncovers the impacts of stress on your personal qualities, which may affect your people skills.

Real Life!

Lumina Spark - Splash - AIM Above

Lumina Spark – Splash – AIM Above

People aren’t put in boxes, letter codes or old stereotypes; instead Lumina Learning accurately measures each unique individual and shows how they act differently in real life situations.

  • No stereotypes
  • No labels
  • No boxes
  • No cells

The Lumina Spark success model is the result of years of extensive and validated research combining expert knowledge with human integrity; building on precisely what works and eliminating what doesn’t in psychometric assessments. Impacting both business and personal situations, the Lumina framework aids self-understanding and rapport-building in a way that is authentic and practical.

See Your Own Lumina Splash!

Both in your Lumina Spark Portrait and in Lumina Splash App.

Discover how compatible you are with someone and how best to relate.

It’s personal!

  • Highly individualized for meaningful experiences
  • Succeed with personal recommendations
  • Measures BOTH opposite qualities separately on each continuum

It’s customizable!

  • Flexible, measurable and results-orientated
  • Select best solutions from wide variety of products
  • Adapted to suit your specific needs

It sticks!

  • Memorable, colorful and practical imagery
  • People remember easily and apply in every aspect of their lives
  • Personal resource guide to use for life!

It works!

  • Easy-to-use practical language
  • People quickly grasp and fully understand
  • Rich in 3D levels;  with 4 colors, 8 aspects and 24 qualities

No other personality and behavior assessment tools offer the same level of in-depth measurements and personal recommendations to apply in real life situations.

See Sample of Lumina Spark Portrait – 3D Full (40 pages)

Lumina Spark Portrait - Learning Sample - 3D Full - AIM Above

Lumina Spark Portrait – Learning Sample – 3D Full – AIM Above

Learn personalized clues in your Portrait:

  • Get How-To Recommendations to improve your personal and working relationships with others
  • Clues for you to become more confident and influential with people
  • Improve personal effectiveness when communicating with people

See how to improve performance

  • Raise your self-awareness and understanding of your behaviors
  • Become more effective at making things happen
  • Identify how best for you to interact with others

It helps you to explore your own unique qualities and provides you with a practical method for ‘reading’ other people.

 See Sample of Lumina Spark Portrait – Splash Intro (20 pages)

Lumina Spark Portrait - Learning Sample - Splash Intro - AIM Above

Lumina Spark Portrait – Learning Sample – Splash Intro – AIM Above

Basic view of your qualities, aspects and energies

At the heart of this portrait, is a private questionnaire which measures different aspects of your behaviors. The confidential questionnaire is available online, it takes between 10 and 15 minutes to complete and enables you to receive your highly personalized Lumina Spark Portrait which accurately describes your persona.

Getting into the right frame of mind

  • Completely confidential information.  This is solely to help you develop, but we do suggest you consider sharing it with those you trust.
  • Be open to feedback in this portrait – it is intended to help you make positive changes.
  • Focus on the observations in this portrait that you think can really help you develop.  View this as an opportunity to work on improving yourself.
  • When reading your portrait it is important to remember that no one quality is more important than another.  Each aspect of who you are can prove to be a crucial strength depending on what situation you find yourself in at any given time.

Discover your Lumina Spark!

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