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Lumina Splash App

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  • Compare Your Personalities!
  • Get Personalized Tips to Interact Better…
  • Reduce Stress and Improve Relationships!

See your unique Lumina Splash!  An instantly memorable visual representation of you based on years of global research by Lumina Learning.

  • Who you are! (like your thumbprint)
  • Discover how compatible you are with someone.
  • Find out by sharing your Splash with others.

Have this App at your fingertips on your mobile iPhone or Android and computer to quickly get clues on how best to build rapport, connect and communicate effectively.

  • Become more self-aware
  • Explore your personality
  • Learn how you relate to others

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  • Write: “AIM Above in Start Conversation box in App
  • See more than Lite Splash; get your full AIM 3D Lumina Spark Portrait views
  • Receive the best in-depth results from experts at AIM Above

Speed Read your Personality!

See how to best...

Connect with Others

24 questions which take around 2 minutes to answer

View your Splash!

Quickly visualize how you scored...

On 8 key aspects of your personality:

Extraverted, Big Picture Thinking, Inspiration Driven, People Focused, Introverted, Down to Earth, Discipline Driven and Outcome Focused

Explore your Aspects!

Navigate your Splash by...

Zoom into each aspect level to

Learn more about your scores with the help of dynamic descriptions which are generated by your responses

Share to Compare!

Share your Splash...

With colleagues, friends and family online

To get personalized feedback on where you complement each other and where you might clash!

Predict Behaviors

At the tips of your fingers, on your mobile smartphone, have access to answers. See the many ways you can use Lumina Splash App…

Using the most accurate next-generation psychometric analysis produced by Lumina Learning, you will see your qualities and how you compare to others. Learn how best to approach each person, and get developmental comments.

AIM For The Best!

  • Use the latest next-generation psychometric analysis that is more accurate
  • Measures both ends of a spectrum, unlike any other analysis
  • Predicts behaviors
  • Memorable – in brilliant colors
  • Give the gift of self-awareness that keeps on giving…

What Client’s Say

AIM Splash & Spark will affect my productivity in working with the members of an organization that we surveyed, and makes it much easier for me to understand their thoughts and actions.  Without this tool in front of me, it is undeniable that I would be making painful mistakes in my approach with them.
Jane Toombs, Executive Director, BusinessWise
“Wow! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have given us a great gift—new ways to interact and appreciate each other. I have always been convinced that we can do anything we decide. But the knowledge we have now will help us get the most and best from everybody collectively, while supporting each other individually. It doesn’t get any better than that!”
Lillian R. Dunlap, Ph.D., Communications Research Enterprises LLC
“Using the new innovative AIM Splash & Lumina Spark Portrait, each participant could clearly see their personal communications preferences in ways never revealed like this before. WOW!!! We have had such wonderful feedback about the great benefits of Lumina Portraits. This was the most engaged meeting we have had!
Kathleen Richardson-Mauro, CFP, CM&AA, CBEC, Business Transition Academy