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Your ability for Speed Reading another person and predicting behaviors can be a powerful advantage in any situation. Effective communication skills are keys to success in life, work and relationships!

AIM Speed Reading People uses powerful tips for quickly connecting with people, predicting behaviors and building rapport.

See cues to observe in:

  • Body Language
  • Tone
  • Workspace
  • Content of Conversation
AIM Speed Reading People - Tip 1

AIM Speed Reading People – Tip 1

Discover your answers for Speed Reading People. It is memorable, it sticks, and it works!

“When we learn to adjust our approach to theirs, amazing connections and possibilities happen!”   – AIM Above

Using both AIM Speed Reading People Cues when combined with your personalized AIM Portraits, become the most powerful next-generation tools to quickly connect with another person, predict behaviors, build rapport, and succeed with your best results.

Know exactly how to connect with each person who communicates in their own unique style: see your personalized detailed suggestions in AIM 3D+ Spark PortraitAIM Sales Portrait and other AIM Portraits.

On the cutting edge of technology, AIM Portraits show a personalized analytical report with 40 color pages customized just for you. When you better understand your qualities, you can quickly assess how best to interact and adapt your approach for positive results.

Optimize your sales results with powerful personalized recommendations in  your AIM Sales Portrait.

AIM Speed Reading People Cues and Portraits are based on the robust NEXT-Generation Lumina Learning Psychometrics which accurately measures qualities of people on both ends of a spectrum; it does not categorize people in a type, box, or letter as done by all others.

Gain new success with AIM Speed Reading People 

         It’s Easy, It’s Memorable, It Works!  

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