More Business

Achieve more business with new clients, CEO direct connect, and new product results…

20,000 New Clients

The Challenge: Get new people to start using the company’s services

AIM Above Strategies: Create enticing product that was easy to attract new customers; and then encourage cross selling for additional services

Results: 40,000 new services; 20,000 new clients; higher balances than expected; higher profit due to increased miscellaneous fees


CEO Direct Connect

The Challenge: Encourage business leaders to turn to this company first and buy additional services

AIM Above Strategies: Be thought leaders in select industries by writing white papers on topics of interest to CEOs, publishing in company’s online industry magazines, and sent monthly to CEOs’ email addresses.

Results: Within 2 days of direct mail offer to CEO’s, there were 300 personal email requests from CEOs to receive the online magazine in their industry on a continuing basis.  This has led to continual brand awareness for increased sales.


New Products

The Challenge: Launch successful new products

AIM Above Strategies: Coordinate all aspects for profitable products with teams of people to assess the operational, technological, marketing, training, audit and compliance aspects of each product

Results: Solid new products with increased market share for a variety of new products over the years

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