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Gain deeper knowledge of yourself:

  1. See your natural Underlying Preferences

  2. View how you adapt Everyday Behaviors

  3. Learn what are impacts of your stressed OverExtended Behaviors

Move Forward

The Challenge: Need confidence to move forward off of stuck

AIM Above Strategies: See where the personal qualities align in Lumina Spark Portrait or are very different from their healthy underlying natural preferences, to what are they adapting in their everyday behaviors, to what is impacted while stressed when overextended.

Results: Seeing the colorful charts in Lumina Spark Portrait confirmed what he was feeling, and gave a new confidence to continue on the desired path.


People Skills

The Challenge: Need to find out the best way to work in growing the business.

AIM Above Strategies: Looking at the results in the Lumina Spark Portrait, confirmed that talents were in people focus area where she excelled.

Results: Doing more focused networking with people would be the best way to use this person’s skills and time.

Better Leader

See how to be a more effective leader and avoid blindspots…

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