Soaring Sales

See how Sales are Soaring with these successful results…

Sales Blind Spots Gone!

The Challenge: Increase number of sales made and shorten time for each sale.

AIM Above Strategies: Using Lumina Sales Portraits, the company was able to see where each person may be losing sales, and where their strengths were.

Results: The AIM Sales Portraits quickly identified the blind spots for each sales person, the company was able to support development training and adjust the processes for win-win quicker results.


Total Sales Culture

The Challenge: Increase sales for over 1,000 employees through implementing a total quality sales culture.

AIM Above Strategies:  Implement a 20-Step Checklist throughout the organization to ensure consistent, high quality service and sales of additional products and services.

ResultsIncreased sales and growth through high quality consistent sales initiatives and grew to 4th largest in state and took the company public.


“Sell the Fries!”

The Challenge: Increase number of services used by each customer to strengthen the relationships and to reduce the reliance on price.

AIM Above Strategies: “Sell the Fries!” of additional products with the core services was the strategy used.  Sales training and sales tools prepared the employees to make this easy; along with online tracking of services sold per customer.

Results: Each employee received a chart showing the number of services sold per customer. They could see that the top offices had over 4.8 services compared to the lowest offices at 1.9 services sold per customer.

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