Team Productivity

Increase Productivity by uncovering hidden potential in your teams

Get More Done!

The Challenge: Getting people in the company to accomplish more

AIM Above Strategies: Each employee was able to see their hidden potential in their Lumina Spark Portrait.  Combining the results in a Lumina Team Portraits, revealed the 3 Cultures and best way to manage for success.

Results: After seeing that most of the people in this company are more interested in each other, and not outcome focused; a shift was made to include the people who are more outcome focused on project decisions. This resulted in more projects being done on time and accomplishing more.


Get More Business!

The Challenge: Understanding why company leaders weren’t developing business.

AIM Above Strategies: Each leader participated in a Lumina Spark Workshop where they could see their 24 Qualities and where they are effective or have blindspots.  Their results were combined in Lumina Team Portraits, which showed the strengths and blindspots of the leadership team.

Results: This particular group of leaders were very strong in details and being outcome focused; but very weak on Big Picture Vision and People Skills.  So, they now know who has more of these skills to use, and to realize what might be future skills needed to hire or promote to achieve their business development goals.


Get Along!

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