Goals Achieved

See Goals Achieved in attracting new money, opening new locations and exceeding goals with strategic vision and mission…

New Money

The Challenge:  Attract $500 million in new money as a base to fuel expanded loan growth

Strategies:  Create attractive new products every 8 weeks, including Option CDs and Treasury Checking; marketing to new prospects and current clients for new money.

Results: Received $180 million in 6,000 new Option CDs; and $320 million in 3,100 new Treasury Checking Accounts.

New Locations

The Challenge: Expand from 20 to 26 locations in one year

Strategies: Research new markets in a large metropolitan area to open 6 new offices and take the successful 100 year hometown rural customer service to the big city.

Results: Opened 6 new offices strategically placed to gain market share with good hometown style customer service that are growing today.

Exceed Goals

The Challenge:  Develop specific strategies and tactics to exceed company goals

Strategies:  Focused efforts through discussions with key people to identify specific goals with results in amounts and time periods; identifying strategies of what projects will best achieve the goals; and then specific details of the tactics to be successful.

Results:  Developed strategic plans to achieve financial goals by streamlining focused efforts that are results-driven and cost-effective to accelerate results.

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