Mergers & Acquisitions

See successful results from experience in over 30 Mergers and Acquisitions on both sides of the situations, along with launching many new locations, and working in over 150 cities…

Smooth Mergers

The Challenge:  Keep all current local clients through the transitions and encourage new customers to grow the business.

AIM Above Strategies:  Send positive timely communications to all audiences, shareholders, employees, community, centers of influence, analysts, and media about the merger and the positive benefits.  Involve key employees to plan detailed lists of tasks to be handled, timetable of communications, and using a personal approach that calmed concerns through the changes.

Results:  It was “Business as usual” with the same employees and local pricing, and the only visible change was the letters on the signs. This resulted in maintaining current business levels, and adding new clients with the positive enhanced benefits of the merged company. You would be amazed at the positive chat about the candy jars full of Hershey Kisses given to all employees to sit on their desks!

Winning Communities

The Challenge: Increase positive community engagement with new merger or acquisition office employees

AIM Above Strategies: Working with local employees talking about current happenings in the surrounding communities, together we created fun engaging activities to draw people into the locations, contribute to local causes, and gain positive publicity for all.

Results: We created unique fun and credible activities that endeared the new location to the community.  Over the years, we created memorable connections and contributions, such as with a local library and having kids story hour in the morning, and adult story hour in the afternoon; contributed to local firehouse expansion with firemen and trucks on display often at our location; having old photos and memorabilia from expansion of local airport; wearing of the local high school colors, bake sales in lobby for many community groups, etc!

New Locations

The Challenge: Open new locations to gain new market share

Strategies: Research the markets, decide on strategies for growth in this particular location; create engaging activities for surrounding unique communities; Invite all households, businesses, key clients and centers of influence to grand opening week that connects with local community efforts.  Some have displays of local funding projects, with buckets for contributions, that the new office matches up to a certain dollar amount.

Results: Thousands of attendees, great positive publicity, new people becoming customers.  Each location has its own unique flair to engage people and design activities to meet the intended audiences.

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