Personal Milestones

Achieve Personal Milestones.

Set goals using the successful GROWS Model.

Conquer It!

The Challenge: Improve relations with people

AIM Above Strategies: After receiving Lumina Spark Portrait, and following the personalized suggestions for developing people skills, he attended Reading Others and Building Rapport Workshops; set goals in the successful GROWS Model and tracked progress with new focus on people.

Results:  Taking Lumina Spark 6 months later showed greatly improved focus on people and the benefits of better relationships.

Market It!

The Challenge: Get more business personally

AIM Above Strategies: Upon seeing the blind spots showing in her Lumina Sales Portrait, she worked through the personal development suggestions, and entered milestones to achieve in her GROWS Model.

Results: She is getting more business than she expected, as she altered her approaches, working smarter to avoid blindspots, and to capitalize on her effective qualities.

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