Profitable Growth

See Profitable Growth  from creative pricing, enhancing shareholder value, growing share of wallet, and aligning financially with company goals…

Creative Pricing

The Challenge:  Maximize shareholder value by exceeding revenue projections

AIM Above Strategies:  Reassess and alter pricing quarterly throughout the organization rather than annually, use fractional pricing, and empower local pricing.

Results:  Contributed to revenue increases of 33% – 37% each year. Stayed ahead of the competition, and had a continual process in place for all services and products to be subtly adjusted.



Shareholder Value

The Challenge: Increase shareholder value through professional communications to Media, Shareholders, & Analysts

AIM Above Strategies: Create professional investor relations communications of enhanced annual reports, expanded quarterly reports, personal letters to shareholders, and bountiful investor presentations, to leverage the value of the company to these audiences.

Results: Value of the stock increased substantially over these 10 years, as the company grew from 18 to 87 offices in 3 states; $250 million to $2.6 billion in assets.


Grow Share of Wallet

The Challenge: Grow share of wallet by exceeding customer expectations and growing through expanded relationships

AIM Above Strategies: Increase number of services per client through implementing a complete sales culture with stronger sales skills, sales tools and newly created products

Results: Resulted in 14% – 26% growth each year in assets with stronger relationships based on service, so products were not as price sensitive


Align Financially

The Challenge: Achieve growth and revenue results through professional marketing, targeted advertising and communications

AIM Above Strategies: Align initiatives to exceed corporate goals of the Asset/Liability Committee through consistent messages in all media to reinforce the brand.

Results: The company grew to $4.2 billion in assets with offices in 4 states; using new products released every 8 weeks, based on the goals of the Asset/Liability situation.

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