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Grow to be Public Company

The Challenge: Position this company as a growing, well-respected, proactive, friendly, locally-empowered, community-oriented hometown company ready to do business

AIM Above Strategies: Created a professional image using warm light on people in everyday home settings to convey the hometown approach; used consistently in all communications on website and internet, advertisements, billboards, signs, direct mail, brochures, annual and quarterly reports, investor presentations, and other communications; with frequent press releases in the public eye using positive and proactive news of the great benefits of being a client of this company

Results: Company grew to become a public company, 4th largest in the state, from 18 to 87 offices, with positive brand awareness and many branding awards.

Grow More Services

The Challenge: Grow this company by selling additional new services to current and new clients, when people did not consider them as a provider of expanded products.

AIM Above Strategies: Through extensive research of all audiences, we found the current name that was tied to one line of business would limit growth. We strategized a new brand and company name that focused on total business solutions and the strength of their people with a tagline of “Better People. Better Results.”

Results: Won AAM National Branding Award, sales in each line of business continues to grow today, and there is a new sense of employee pride.

Connect to CEOs

The Challenge: Use growth strategies for this company as a distinguished leader of professional services that separates them from the competition.

AIM Above Strategies: Design an approach that is different in color and appearance from all other competitors; that identifies with the loneliness of the CEO in companies and the difficult decisions to make; and to be thought leaders in key consulting practices.

Results: Grew to be the largest company in the state and 17th in the USA; used stark black and white photos of professional leaders in graphic situations of decisions; wrote leading industry white papers and published in their new online magazines, sent books and bookmarks to leaders.

Grow into Big Cities

The Challenge: Grow 100 year old rural company from 20 locations to 26 locations with offices in a new big metropolitan city.

AIM Above Strategies: Enhance old logo image by bringing it alive and making it more dynamic, yet using same colors and basic shape as requested.  Positioned circular logo larger off the page as if it was rolling into the space, referring to moving into the big cities. Enhanced new type font, and used deeper gradiated colors with design placement for impact.

Results: A professional image that worked very well in both new metropolitan and existing rural markets and is still used today in all communications.

New Company

The Challenge: Start a new Trust Company on a shoestring budget.

AIM Above Strategies: Use professional design on upscale customized folder, matching service single sheets to insert, with business cards and stationery to complete the necessary pieces for relational selling to professionals and prospective clients.

Results: Grew beyond expected goals the first year and continuing years.

Bigger Image

The Challenge: Brand small company of 6 people to grow larger and encompass all services

AIM Above Strategies: Rename the company using “International” in the name to convey the global markets they serve and deliver an upscale enhanced image of capacity.  The new branding used professional design simplicity, images of the globe and world, throughout all materials and online website presence.

Results: Enhanced presence in business community, more referrals, and additional publicity with expanded image.

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