See what talents are working in your business, and who you can rely on at different times when you need them to step to the plate.

And more importantly, see where blindspots are that may cause problems in your business.

Discover Hidden Potential!

The Challenge: Achieve more with the right people on teams

AIM Above Strategies: Using Lumina Team Portraits, this organization was able to see that most of their people were outcome focused in their Everyday situations.

  • Yet, when they became stressed and OverExtended, many became more people focused.

  • They also saw that they are weak on the visionary and big picture thinking people.

  • Look at this comparison from the Everyday Personas vs. the OverExtended Stressed Personas.

Results: This organization was able to achieve more by better assigning people to project teams based on Lumina Team Portraits, and to look for key skills in future hires.

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