Find out what personal qualities you have in common with your partner, whether in business or in life…

  • Where you compliment each other

  • Where your difficulties in communicating may be

  • See how to reduce your stress

You will discover qualities and behaviors about your partner you didn’t know existed; see your personal AIM Lumina Spark Portraits.


 Real Life!

Sharon and Laura

AIM Above - Diverse Personalities - Lumina Spark Portraits

Diverse Personalities!

The Challenge: Discover how two partners can understand each other better and value their diverse qualities.

Impacts of Stress: Using AIM 3D Lumina Spark Portraits, Sharon and Laura found that while they have some overlap, when it comes to their business, Sharon’s Top 5 Qualities were more detailed and structured, while Laura’s were more visionary and flexible.  This gave Sharon an appreciation for Laura’s big picture thinking that was moving the company forward; but it made Laura appreciate all of the tasks that Sharon was trying to process to accomplish the visionary goals.  This was not a case of always arguing for their point of view, but realizing they each have different perspectives that are very valuable for success. They were also able to dive deeper and see how they change in each of their 3 Personas for all 24 Qualities; Underlying, Everyday, and OverExtended.

Results: Quickly they gained an understanding and appreciation for what each brings to the relationship and how they can help each other be successful.

Tim and Lindsey

AIM Above - Diverse Personalities - Lumina Spark Portraits - Opposites

Opposites Attract!

The Challenge: How do you communicate effectively with someone who has opposite qualities?

Communication Difficulties: In this situation, Tim and Lindsey found that they really are an example of how opposites do attract. They do complete each other. But hidden in this AIM Lumina Spark Portrait are details of each of their 24 Qualities; what are their 5 Top Qualities, and which are their 5 least used Qualities. Seeing words that describe each person in their own Word Cloud, gave them understanding of the different talents and perspectives they bring to the relationship.  Each person likes to communicate in a different style, and finds separate things important.

Results: These powerful portraits gave Tim and Lindsey a better understanding of the energies they use, and how to communicate in a way that will connect with the other person more effectively.

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