Discover quickly about the people on your Team…

  • What is their hidden potential and motivations?

  • What are their impacts when stressed?

  • Where are the gaps for each of your people?

See what was uncovered in AIM Lumina Team Portraits in this situation…

AH-HA Moments!

The Challenge: Discover who is best to move projects forward faster

AIM Above Strategies: Using Lumina Team Portraits, a workshop was conducted with all people to understand high performing teams and the necessary qualities needed for each successful initiative.

View 4 different Team Portraits in AIM Lumina Team Portraits as shown below:

  1. Underlying natural personas

  2. Everyday adapted personas

  3. Stressed overextended personas

  4. Combination of all personas

Results: After the AIM Above Lumina Team Workshop, this team which was more People Focused and Big Picture Thinkers, made changes to start including the people that were more Outcome Focused in their decision making.  These people would help drive the projects to completion in faster time.  It was an “ah-ha” moment that made the difference for this company’s results.

Lumina Team Portraits - AIM Above - Compare Persona Views

Lumina Team Portraits – AIM Above – Compare Persona Views

Note many insights on this comparison of Lumina Team Portraits:

  1. Team Culture changes with different color energies on top and bottom in the little swish designs.

  2. Each person is identified by a number, in the lists you will see the words and colors change of the terms.

  3. 4 Mandalas are shown for each Persona: Underlying, Everyday, OverExtended and Combination

  4. In center of each Mandala is a larger coin circle that indicates the culture, and how best to manage it

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