Confidence in Experience

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  • In over 150 Cities

  • Results exceeding goals

  • Staying under budget

In Over 150 Cities

The Challenge: Position the company as a respected, proactive, friendly, locally-empowered, community-oriented hometown company ready to do business

AIM Above Strategies: Keep frequent press releases in the public eye with positive and proactive news of the great benefits of being a client of this company

Results: This Company grew to become a public company, 4th largest in the state, from $250 million to $2.6 billion in assets in 10 years; 18-87 offices in 3 states, with positive brand awareness

Results Exceeding Goals

The Challenge: Developed specific strategies and tactics to exceed company goals

AIM Above Strategies: Focused efforts through discussions with key people to identify specific goals of results in amounts and time periods; identifying strategies of what projects will best achieve the goals; and then specific details of the tactics to be successful.

Results: Streamlined focused efforts that are results-driven and cost-effective to accelerate results.

Staying Under Budget

The Challenge: Stay under budget each year

AIM Above Strategies: Plan, be focused on goals, monitor, adjust initiatives to come in under budget

Results: Saved money on budgets of $50,000 to $3 million per year.

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