Reduce Stress

Reduce Stress by knowing who you may rely on in different situations.

Have peace of mind…

  • Knowing you have the right people around you

  • Understanding their behaviors in good times and bad

  • Trusting they will come through as you expect

Reduce stress by seeing the hidden talents and motivations of people in their Lumina Spark Portraits and how they compare to yours.

When you know yourself and you have the skills to appreciate others, you can then begin to refine your behaviors to meet the needs of the situation and significantly improve your relationships and teamwork.

See personalized clues in your Lumina Spark Portrait:

  • Identify how to improve your working relationships with others

  • Help you become more influential with people

  • Improve personal effectiveness

All of us choose to behave in a variety of ways depending upon how we are feeling, where we are and who we are with. Sometimes these choices appear contradictory and in most profiles you are focused to be one or the other, never both.

It is normal to be both and Lumina measures both the opposites separately so that you can report on how you really are, resulting in more insightful and useful profiles.

See never revealed before inner gifts and hidden talents in your Lumina Spark Portrait:

Uncover opposing traits which everyone has, and only Lumina measures both ends separately. When you are willing to look inside and embrace your own diametrically opposed personality traits, you can significantly improve your personal effectiveness and enhance performance.

Over 16 quadrillion is the largest number of combinations for psychometric analysis, so you can really see your unique personality better using Lumina.

See motivations and behaviors Lumina accurately measures through technological innovations and years of psychological research.

How well do you know yourself?

  • What are your underlying motivations?

  • Where do you adapt behaviors?

  • Stressed, what impacts happen?

See your 3D Personas!

You may recognize your natural Underlying Persona and your adapted Everyday Persona. However, Lumina reveals a third Persona, your stressed OverExtended Persona, which reveals itself when you are in high pressure circumstances and can be seen in the way you interact with other people when the demands of the situation increase.

You will gain a deeper understanding of your personas, by seeing 3 distinct measurements with in-depth feedback on what trends have been revealed and if there are any areas you can look to strengthen.

Based on years of psychological research, Lumina Spark Portrait will give you:

  • Indicators about how people behave

  • Acknowledge strengths of each person (and how they sometimes overplay them)

  • Identify behaviors that are rarely displayed.

  • It will also make distinctions between people’s behavior and their motivations.

See how to improve performance:

At the heart of this portrait, is a private questionnaire which measures different aspects of your behaviors.The questionnaire is available online, it takes between 10 and 15 minutes to complete and enables you to receive your highly personalized Lumina Portrait which accurately describes your persona.

It helps you to explore your own unique qualities and provides you with a practical method for ‘reading’ other people.

See the latest innovative profiles which are a step forward from all the preceding products. Lumina embraces the paradox of people being both extraverted and introverted, both outcome focused and people focused, etc.

Internationally used around the globe, Lumina can be written in many languages. This works particularly well when working with Virtual Teams, and the difficulty in creating relationships across the miles.

Lumina Spark’s simple and memorable color language gives everybody a common foundation for talking about behavior.

This approach raises self awareness.

  • Using this new knowledge, you can develop your interpersonal skills which contribute to a positive ‘can do’ team spirit.

  • When this builds a critical mass, breakthroughs begin to happen in team dynamics and leadership style.

  • Every Lumina Portrait is unique to you, with over 16 quadrillion different combinations.

You will see your preferences for using the four color energies and how it impacts your behavior and performance.

In addition to highlighting the strengths to build on, it also shines the light of awareness on potential blind spots.

See your Full 3D Personas Spark Portraitor choose the AIM Spark Portrait for a basic view of your qualities, aspects and energies.

Choose Lumina Spark Workshops to engage people in the learning process. These can be customized to your situations.

Select Private Coaching for personalized guidance in your Lumina Spark Portrait.

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