Kind Words

“Linda Seefeldt is a whiz with the Lumina Spark Portrait in determining strengths and pitfalls in personality and style that affect the results I am achieving in my life.  A comparison with my Lumina Portrait from several years ago has shown vast differences in what I am currently responding to and focusing on.  It will affect my productivity in working with the members of an organization that we surveyed, and makes it much easier for me to understand their thoughts and actions.  Without this tool in front of me, it is undeniable that I would be making painful mistakes in my approach with them.  Linda’s wisdom and coaching has been so valuable for me, and for them.  I cannot thank you enough!”
Jane Toombs, Executive Director, BusinessWise
“Linda is a high-energy, creative and disciplined project manager. She is results-oriented and provides exceptional customer service. She truly understands her clients’ various needs and always comes up with a workable, competitive marketing strategy for the client. She is also a delight to work with because of her sense of humor and dedication.”
Vivienne Smith, Vivienne V. Smith & Associates
“Wow! Thank you, thank you, thank you! We stayed in the office until after 9–much of that time talking about what we learned. You have given us a great gift—new ways to interact and appreciate each other. I have always been convinced that we can do anything we decide. But the knowledge we have now will help us get the most and best from everybody collectively, while supporting each other individually. It doesn’t get any better than that!”
Lillian R. Dunlap, Ph.D., Communications Research Enterprises LLC
“Linda Seefeldt’s presentation to our XPX (Exit Planning Exchange) Tampa Bay Meeting received high marks. By completing a Lumina Spark Portrait prior to the session, participants were fully engaged and learned specifically how to leverage their profile to build their business. I highly recommend Linda as a speaker and Lumina as a business-building tool.”
Rosemary DiDio Brehm, turningpoints2results
“Communications and Marketing Expert, Linda Seefeldt, presented how to improve our relationships, our teamwork, and our results by adapting our behaviors and communications to our varying opportunities. Using the new innovative Lumina Spark Portrait, each participant could clearly see their personal communications preferences in ways never revealed like this before. WOW!!! We have had such wonderful feedback about the great benefits of Lumina Portraits. This was the most engaged meeting we have had. Linda, you do a great job!”
Kathleen Richardson-Mauro, CFP, CM&AA, CBEC, Business Transition Academy
“While working with Linda on numerous projects, I learned how to transform seemingly abstract concepts into concrete, measurable business results. She proved her mastery of her field with her ability to define the business problem and requirements so that the team could readily develop a workable solution. In addition, we actually had fun doing it.”
Bob Madajczyk, Wipfli CPAs and Consultants
“Linda Seefeldt brings the highest level of commitment, credibility and energy to everything she does. She relentlessly pursues delivering maximum value for her clients and is one of those outstanding professionals who does what she says she is going to do, when she promised to do it. Linda is also one of those rare individuals who really, really want her clients to be successful. She has a servant’s heart and once she knows what you need, she will do everything she can to help you. Her focus on open and clear communication makes the working relationship very enjoyable and rewarding. And if she does not believe she can deliver a desired result, she is not afraid to say so…how often does that happen?! I would personally recommend Linda to anyone looking to clarify and define their marketing strategy. Her business background, coaching approach, and genuine concern for people set her apart as a business consultant.”
Diane Homa, Fountainhead Funding
“Linda analyzed my marketing strategies and focus and gave me specific suggestions for targeting my market and developing a laser focus on how best to reach this market. I had been using the “octopus” strategy of marketing on my own trying to be all things to all people but Linda helped me to integrate my marketing ideas into one central theme and focus. She’s excellent in what she does, has much knowledge and experience in her field, and showed a genuine interest in my business.”
Linda A. Stortz, CPA, PA, CTRS,
“Linda is an inspirational and creative thinker. She has an ability to see the big picture clearly and can succinctly describe details needed to achieve the outcome. Linda assisted me in reevaluating my target market and developing clever strategies for approaching clients. I feel that I am refocused and on track to obtain my goals.”
Tricia Kennedy, Trilogy Guidance

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